“I’m in love with Oluebube” – Man pleads with Nigerians to help him beg actress to marry him (Video)

A man believed to be in his 40s has been seen in a video crying as he asks Nigerians to help him beg actress Oluebube Obi to marry him.

The man in the video disclosed that he has been restless because of the actress Oluebube Obi. He disclosed that his life has been stagnant due to his obsession with the young actress.

The man who was shedding tears shared the video on Tiktok disclosing that he has been sending countless messages to the actress via social media but he doesn’t get replies.

He further added that a lot of people have been discouraging the actress from having anything to do with him claiming that she is below 18 years.

He emphasized that Oluebube was more than 18 years hence can decide to have any intimate relationship with a man.

Watch the video below…

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