“If you see wetin this boy do for this girl” – Lady says as she bursts into tears over emotional Korean movie scene

A Nigerian lady garnered significant attention on social media when her video, in which she cried intensely over an emotional Korean movie she had watched, went viral.

In the recently uploaded video, the young lady can be seen expressing her emotions while criticizing one of the actresses whom she believed had betrayed a man that genuinely loved her.

She was heard saying, “If you see wetin this boy do for this girl,” while also stating that the girl was mean and that she couldn’t continue watching the movie because of her actions.

Despite her tears, she continued to cry and was comforted by an individual who handed her a cloth that she used to wipe away her tears.

The lady’s emotional display in the video captured the attention of viewers who flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

Here are some of the reactions below:

@Jezzy resh: “This was how I cried when I watched tale of the nine tailed season 1 and moon lovers.”

@darasimi2112: “I also cry for k drama especially the beginning of doctor and out blues.”

@priceless: “i taught am alone. thank God oooi ve see my second, i will tell my sis not to call me again when D movie started ooo.”

@beautiful: “I haven’t started watching movies yet but I’m in love with the movie already thanks.”

@ellamaya beauty touch: “what is the name of the movie you are watching I want to carry biko.”

@KIKI: “Me watching scarlet hearth alchemy of souls and monster (its a cdrama )destined also a c drama also vincenzo.”

@Briana: “The best movie I watched and cried out like this was Miracles from Heaven.”




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