“If you don’t have money to get an apartment, stay with your parents” – Lady tackles owner of apartment with bed placed on floor

A Nigerian lady has sparked outrage online after criticising the owner of an apartment with a few properties.

In her Twitter post, the lady identified as amy_beke said the person would have stayed with parents instead of living in such an apartment.

In her words: “If you don’t have money to get an apartment, stay with your parents. What is this? I didn’t mention any gender but the men are the ones crying more.”

Odilove reacted: “As I’m typing this now, My bed is on the floor I know with time I will buy Bed-frame. So it’s nothing.”

Steve Anthony reacted: “He who has never been on the floor does not know what it takes to leave the floor.. Be humble Amara. Some billionaires started with a carton as bed. This setting is rich.”

John Alli wrote: “Where do Nigerian’s get this mentality of bed needs to be inside this big wooden frame then it shows u have money like my friend would say Baby dae play.”

Igweziglar wrote: “I know a millionaire in dollars, when I visited his house in Lagos, a 5 bedroom duplex, he built it. His bed is on the floor. But his house in the East is a 7 bedroom mansion, all ensuite, with a 2 bedroom penthouse. So it is a choice.”

Bodma added: “Mogbe so this one too na flex. Me way dey purposely carry my bed put for ground sleep when there is FANCY IGI BED.”

See the post below:

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