“If I start to talk….” – Gideon Okeke’s ex-wife, Chidera, issues strong warning hours after his rants

Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke’s ex-wife, Chidera, has issued a strong warning hours after he ranted online about single mothers and their men.

Chidera, on her Instagram story, revealed that she is not ready to talk about her ex’s statement and there will be no holding back once she starts spilling their secrets.

She also taunted Gideon Okeke for acting as the victim when he was the one who ‘stomped’ on her in their relationship.

She wrote: If I start to talk! Hmmmmmm… There will be no holding back. Because the millipede that was stomped on did not scream, but the foot that stomped on it keeps screaming “my foot, my foot” (its sweet in Igbo sha, but, you get the gist lol).

But my people say that, “Adiro ibuo ayi ala”, so I’ll be the bigger person, as ALWAYS and keep livng life.

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