If anyone gives me naira overseas, I’ll not collect it – Pastor David Ibiyeomie gives reason.

Pastor Ibiyeomie mentioned a specific incident during a flight where a man handed him dollars as an unexpected blessing. He then shared that he entrusted the money to his wife, referring to her as his “overseas accountant.” He explained that his wife manages his tithes and offerings when they travel and emphasized that money must come.

According to him, “While we were on the flight back to Nigeria, A man squeezed dollars inside my hand, and I moved to my oversea accountant. Do You know who is my oversea accountant? Do you want to find out? It’s my wife that is my oversea accountant. So, I put it in her hands, she does my tithes and offerings when we travel because she knows that money must come.”

The man of God further pointed out that whenever he travels with his wife, he receives unexpected showers of blessing, often in foreign currencies. He mentioned that he doesn’t accept Nigerian naira overseas and humorously remarked that he wouldn’t collect it if offered. Pastor Ibiyeomie emphasized that blessings can come from unexpected sources, even individuals who are not members of his church or related to him. The message conveyed Pastor Ibiyeomie’s trust in God’s provision and his gratitude for the blessings he and his wife experience while traveling together.

He continued; “I’ve never entered any flight with my wife without getting unexpected showers of blessing. She will be surprised of the foreign currency not naira. They can’t give me naira overseas, if you give me naira overseas, I won’t collect It. Why will I take naira overseas? Speaking further he said, “This man in question said, ” I don’t worship in Salvation Ministries, he was very specific, He said “My sister worships with you people’, but he just pushed dollars. We were coming to Nigeria, but I was receiving dollars. Sweet money! The person does not need to be your member or brother to favour you.”

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