“If after sound teachings, warnings and red flags, you still choose anyhow, then we should be held responsible for the consequences” – Mike Bamiloye tells singles

The Founder and the President of The Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye in his recent post on Facebook shared a message to the public.

While Speaking on Red Flag Along The Way, the cleric reportedly stated that “To all singles in the house, if after sound teachings and warnings, red flag and silent checks from the holy spirit, we still choose anyhow, then we should be held responsible for the consequences”.

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Speaking further he said “There are Three Gifts of Marriage: Companionship, Passion, and Purpose. When marriage is done well, couples not only experience the wonderful emotional and physical intimacy of being “on the same page” but also frequently sense a deeper, more profound, spiritual connection.

Speaking lastly he said “But when we neglect the biblical standard of marriage, we will face the consequences. That is why We are living in a generation when the institution of marriage is in trouble. Liberal, worldly agendas are seeking to change the definition of marriage. The biblical standard is no longer the standard for most of the world. Men want to marry other men. Women want to marry other women. People want to take multiple spouses. I even read about a man recently who is petitioning for permission to marry his goat. Some of these abnormal, warped views of marriage are already being practiced in our society. The world has gone crazy and is doing its best to destroy the family.

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