“I will expose everything to Nigerians” – Wunmi’s sister, Karimot tells her in new video, blasts their mother for supporting ev!l

In a new development, sister to Mohbad’s wife, Karimot, has boldly declared that she is no longer affiliated with Wunmi, her sister.

She expressed that she has disowned not only Wumi, but their mother as well. She revealed that she had stood by her sister’s side when the entire incident with Mohbad had happened, and yet she was stabbing her at the back.

She further narrated how Wunmi had lied to people about certain things. She called out Wunmi for being a user, stating that Wunmi is fond of using people and then throwing them away when she’s done with them.

did not stop there. She went on to express that she would expose everything she has been enduring to Nigerians soon. In her words, she had this to say,

Wunmi, Despite the fact that you never told me anything about your husband (Mohbad) before he passed away, I still stood by you as a sister when the incident happened. Now you are stabb!ng me at the back.

“You lied to people I wasn’t the one that made you know Falana, it shall not be well with you. You are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done with them.

I will expose everything I have been enduring to Nigerians. I have disowned you and your mother. She is no longer my mother. She is not a good mother’

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