“I wasn’t bothered dating a lady who can’t cook for over 2 years, I knew from the first day we won’t get married”- Man reveals

A young man has taken to social media to reveal the reason why he wasn’t concerned about dating a lady who couldn’t cook for over 2 years.

The young man revealed that he had dated a lady for over two years who couldn’t cook, and surprisingly, he claimed it was not a major concern for him.

@jayy_ayofe has expressed that the lady’s inability to cook didn’t bother him at all.

According to @jayy_ayofe, his reason was because he was certain from the beginning that the relationship wouldn’t lead to marriage.

Netizens Reactions..
@hyklef asked; “How on earth will an African woman don’t want to cook???”

@raquelnotnice01 said; “Wasted 2 years, manipulation at its peak.”

@drix_man said; “So you wasted the girl’s time huh?:”

@Imohdyn1 said; “What if you teach her how to cook!🤷‍♂️”

@iam_thowbie said; “So you enjoyed it while it lasted 😂.”

@shipsonjnr said; “The 2yrs na just cruise?.”

@donearlylife said; “Kind of let’s enjoy while it last 😂😂😂

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