“I used bleaching cream for over 15 years because I was hungry for that beauty, I’m just 35 and I look older than my age now” – Lady cries out (Video)

A 35-year-old lady, identified as Lebogang, has taken to social media to voice her distress over the severe damage caused to her skin by bleaching creams after years of use.

According to the lady, her decision to bleach her skin was influenced by her friends’ lighter skin tones, which she perceived as a standard of beauty.

Driven by the desire to achieve what she believed to be a more attractive appearance, she resorted to using various bleaching creams to lighten her complexion.

In an interview with DW’s “77 Percent,” she revealed the extent of her obsession with achieving a lighter skin tone.

“I couldn’t stop at all; I was hungry for that beauty. I even mixed the bleaching creams with my body lotion to lighten my entire body, not just my face,” Lebogang said.

Initially, Lebogang noticed a significant change in her complexion, describing herself as “very beautiful, light like a white woman.”

However, the initial results were short-lived as she began experiencing adverse effects.

In her words;

“First I was very beautiful light like a white woman but after the effect that it started and I was becoming red and itchy especially when I went outside to the sun and my skin goes completely wrong.”

“If you stop using them, you look like a crane, you look more older because you have stopped using them, they are not good at all.”

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