“I rather be alone” – Lady says she won’t settle for ‘crumbs’ when there are men buying cars, houses, designer bags and paying bills for their women

A lady on Twitter, RedSolo, has said she would rather be alone than date a man who isn’t paying her bills. She added that she won’t settle for crumbs when there are men giving $20k monthly allowances, buying cars, houses, and designer bags for their wives and girlfriends.  

“It’s men out here giving $20k monthly allowances, buying cars, houses, designer bags, paying bills. But you want me to belong to you? A man who only got my nails done and my car washed…men are insane. I can do bad by myself. I rather be alone than settle for crumbs,” she tweeted on Wednesday. 

“If a bitch boss herself up, pays for her own shit. The last thing she want is a man who not helping out. Idk what y’all not understanding…this why niggas be living off y’all now,” she added on Thursday. 

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