I made sure she didn’t appear in any picture – Nigerian photographer reveals how he took revenge on bride’s sister for embarrassing him after he asked for food

A Nigerian photographer, Tobi Oyelami Joel, has narrated how he took revenge on a bride’s sister for ‘’embarrassing” him after he asked for food.

He disclosed this after a Kogi-based photographer narrated how a caterer refused to give him food, saying that the food is for dignitaries.

“I also had an experience, though not from a caterer but the bride’s kid sister. I’ve been with them since Friday evening for a bridal shower and you can’t even buy a sachet of water in the estate, I asked for food and she embarrassed me cuz she was in charge. But I gave her my own judgement by making sure she doesn’t appear in any picture, even in family pictures, I’ll put her at the edge so I can easily crop her out. She later got my number from the bride asking why she wasn’t in all pictures and I told her I didn’t know she part of the wedding,”
he wrote.

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