“I just couldn’t go on with the kiss” – Actress, Angela Eguavoen speaks on experiencing mouth odor with a male actor on set

As actors and actresses, they go through a lot in order to bring authentic entertainment to their audience.

Describing one of the challenges she had during a shoot, Nollywood beautiful actress Angela Eguavoen revealed how she had to call off a whole scene because of a male colleague.

Speaking to The Sun Newspaper in a recent interview, the actress said one time, during a shoot, she had to stop because her male colleague has a mouth odor and she couldn’t bear it. According to Angela, they were meant to kiss, but because of the issue, she stopped the scene.

The curvy actress said she approached the director of the movie and explained everything to him. Angela said the director didn’t have a problem with her skipping the kissing scene because it is not that important to the movie if it is taken out. Read an excerpt from the interview:

“I once experienced mouth odor during a kissing scene, and I just couldn’t go on with the kiss. I spoke with the director and he understood. After all, the kiss wasn’t so important in the scene.”

This is not the first time an actor or actress is complaining about a colleague having a mouth odor during a shoot. Netizens who reacted to the interview condemned the incident saying by now, the movie stars should have a solution to their oral health because of their job.

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