“I hate crowds, cameras, faking a smile and making appearances to stay relevant” – Bella Okagbue cries out over celebrity life

Bella Okagbue, has recently opened up about her personal struggles, which is unlike the usual glamorous image celebrities often portray.

In a surprising revelation, Okagbue shared her discomfort with the constant public attention and the pressures of fame.

“I hate crowds, I hate facing cameras and faking a smile, I dislike socialising. I don’t have social anxiety disorder cause I don’t care about being judged by others but I hate being watched. Everyone around me wants me to keep making appearances and try to stay relevant but I really do not care. I just want my work to speak for me, be happy and rich. What do I do?

This revelation from Okagbue is particularly striking due the nature of her career. This is because she rose to fame through BBN which involved being constantly watched and scrutinized.

She reveals that the pressure to remain in the public eye, seems to clash with her personal inclinations.

Despite these challenges, Okagbue reveals that long term she wants a work that speak for her, to be happy and be rich.

Recall that about a week ago, Bella Okagbue had voiced her frustrations on the support she receives, or the lack thereof, from the public. She expressed her determination to prove her haters wrong, especially those who doubted her success.

Her statement is coming after she recently went on a TikTok live session to speak out about her and her boyfriend Sheggz being “too expensive for most brands,” to work with.

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