“I for marry for money and not love” – Mother of 2 cries out for help as she shares terrible experience with husband after 8 years in marriage

A mom of two children has shared her devastating experience with her husband and father of her kids, sparking discussions online.

The woman, who chose to be anonymous on the X app via handle @Wizarab10, disclosed that her spouse has subjected her to mental abuse throughout their eight-year-long marriage.

According to her, she earns N65k monthly, whereas her husband earns N225k monthly. Despite this, he fails to provide for her and their children. Furthermore, she mentioned that he purchases items for his personal use despite living together as a family.

The lady narrated how hard it was for her and her two kids to satisfy their needs that she had to cut ‘corners’ to make end meets but her husband don’t even care.

She revealed how she threatened to leave him but the man cared less knowing fully well that she is an Orphan and has nowhere to go to.

She, however, solicited for help from social media users, stating that she prayed everyday for death and has depression.

The post reads, “Good day sir Dickson. I want to vent about what’s going on in my life maybe your followers may have advise for me. I married 8 years ago. I have two children. A 7 year old and an almost 3 year old.”

“This marriage has been a torn in my flesh. There’s something worse than physical abuse. It is emotional/mental abuse. This marriage has shown me the folly in my belief of building with a man. It is absolute gibberish; at least for me.”

“I earn 65k monthly. It is from this money that I cater for my kids’ fees, feeding, emergency medicals, every little vital thing that a child needs. I also endeavor to send home a stipend monthly. My ‘husband’ doesn’t care about the happenings around him.”

“He doesn’t provide anything for the family. Infact, he buys stuff and hide for his personal use. If I want to generate months long malice, all I need to do is to ask this nigga money to feed the kids, all hell would be let loose. He earns 225k monthly, none of which is for the family”.

“He’s a chain smoker (wasn’t smoking when we met), a prolific drunk and buys nice things for just himself. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything ‘new’ for myself. I can’t afford something as basic as undies. I was my hair and daughter’s hair with detergent.”

“Everything needed to sustain children, I do it. I cut corners (not s*xual) just to make ends meet. If my children are gifted money, I’m already trying to strike off something they need off my list. I’m married but living single. If I’m horny, I masturbate (with my fingers) because I don’t enjoy s*x. He lasts 2 minutes, I mean it literally. I’ve never had an org^sm, I dread the idea of any s*xual activity. I live with constant and overwhelming depression daily. I pray for death every day I go to bed.”

“I’ve never experienced real love from a ‘man.’ I was orphaned at 3 years. I don’t have a support circle that believe that I need help. I don’t look like what I’m going through, infact I look the complete opposite. I am unable to save a dime even if I wanted to.”

“Do you know how expensive it is to care for a child not to talk about 2? I don use my face smell my shit for this marriage. Kai! I no quick wise, I for marry for money and not love because this ‘love’ is doing me dirty. One time I was dressing for work and I just said ‘what if you fall”.

“For road and your legs fly open, Dem go see your tear- tear and patch-patch tight abi?’ Olorun shànu mi. Why don’t you leave? Some of you may ask. Do you start a building without gauging the funds at hand whether it’ll serve? I’ve thought of leaving, relocating infact, but I don’t Have any dime on me to subject the children to my bad decision.”

“Giving them a bad father is a big enough scar. I hope to leave, when I’m able to have some form of financial strength/stability. When the loan I took is paid off. I also suffer from sciatica/rheumatoid arthritis.

“I’m unable to narrate the chaos going on in my life. When I say I’ll leave him, he’ll mockingly ask me ‘where will you go, who do you have?’ wó, emotional abuse takes the lead on abuses. I’m just putting this out there to ease this tightness in my chest. Thank you for your time sir.”

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