“I find it beautiful when men cry, I don’t think strength means not crying” – Simi

Nigerian singer Simi shares her perspective on men being open about their emotions, expressing admiration for vulnerability.

On the 90’s Baby Show, Simi confessed that she finds it beautiful when men embrace their vulnerable side instead of bottling up their feelings.

Simi noted that societal expectations often pressure men to appear strong and tough, emphasizing that it’s okay for them to show emotions while supporting their loved ones.

Simi suggested that suppressing emotions can lead to internal struggles that may eventually surface in unexpected ways.

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In her words:

“I find it beautiful when men cry because I am surrounded by so many men that feel like they have to be macho all the time or they have to be strong”.

“When you see men and women go through the same kind of pain or hurt, the man says, ‘I have to be strong for my wife or for my women or kids.’ I think that’s okay, but I don’t think strength means not being vulnerable or not crying.”

“I like it when men cry because it means that you feel safe with who you’re with, you can be vulnerable, and you can let go. That’s how I see it because as an African woman, I have seen African men be like, ‘I’m the protector, I’m the provider, I’m the warrior,’ but I feel like if it’s not coming out in your tears, it’s going somewhere. Even if it’s like a little ball inside your heart, one day you’re just going to explode,”

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