”I am the new Fela” – Portable declares

Popular singer Portable explains why he is the newborn Fela, as he insists that he is currently Nigeria’s greatest music superstar.

The controversial musician was recently featured on comedian Isbae U’s podcast where he gave his opinion about his music and fans‘ perception of him.

According to Portable, it had been his fans who gave him the title of the newborn Fela because of his prowess in the music niche and he agreed with them on that.

Portable said …

“I didn’t give myself the title, ‘Newborn Fela.’ My fans gave it to me. You know I have a lot of fans, my fans brought me to this point. “Normally, you have to be bold, a lion don’t fear to walk alone.”

The Zazoo star also addressed the incorrect description by some people who refer to him as a rising musician. He maintained that he is one of the greatest musicians there is in Nigeria.

“Which superstar do you know that is bigger than me in Nigeria? I am the one they are talking about now: musician that is trending. My talk is trending, my slangs are trending, my movement is trending, my dressing is trending.

“Last year, I was upcoming this year, I am also upcoming. I will be up and coming everyday. Coming with new glory everyday. Newborn Fela. Every year is my year,” he said.

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