Husband cries out as he returns to meet cheating wife wearing towel while with another man (Video)

Chaos recently erupted in a South African home when a man returned from work to meet his wife cheating on him with another man.

A video which surfaced on social media platforms captured the moment the man picked up an object and created a scene while confronting his wife’s alleged lover.

The woman could be seen with a towel wrapped around her waist and begging her husband not to hurt the man, saying they did not do anything.

The other man was also begging the angry hubby to allow him enter his car and leave peacefully, while the woman insisted that he is no one to her.

Several efforts were made by the neighbours and wife to calm down her husband, but it failed, and he eventually smashed the windscreen of the lover’s car.

Watch video below:

In reaction, @mabasotf said; Never play an away game gents, you will die young mfana

@ConstanceSaal; That time you have to go to work tomorrow morning how do you explain to insurance 😂😅😅😅

@NathiSibiya8; I like the way he surprised them, the guy must explain to the wife too.

@Asa_Sigoxo; Also my girl here is brave i would have ran away.

@_ishowsloww; “He’s no one” and you’re in a towel

@KingNema_Jnr; In the words of @Slangforever “I condone this behavior”. He must go fix his car and have some explanation at home too.

@jidifeanyi; He should sort things out with his wife and watch his temper else he might be in jail for murder

@mirthdot; It’s not his wife, at best it would have been a girlfriend … but it’s a skit so the is that too I guess … but no one cares about the truth especially when the lie is more entertaining … so cook.

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