How Mohbad used my glory to be famous – Singer’s father (Video)

Mr Joseph Aloba, father of the late musician Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has claimed that his son used his glory to become famous in Nigeria before his death.

In a new video that has emerged, Mr. Aloba disclosed that the pastor of Wunmi, the widow of Mohbad disclosed to the family that his son was using his glory for his music career.

Mr. Aloba furthered that although Mohbad was using his glory to make money, he never gave him money but kept giving money to his mother money and also opened shops for her.

In his words, “My son was using my glory, Wunmi’s pastor told Wunmi that it’s my glory Mohbad was using, My son had money but didn’t give me, he was giving his mother millions when I got to where he Rented 3 shops for his mother, I was marveled.”

“I was like you millions, have you maintained a 500k shop before talkless of 3 shops of 20million, Mohbad Mother was the one taking all the money, she doesn’t even know the school Mohbad attended talkless of any Mohbad school friends, but God so good, where is the money today?”

“Wunmi was leaving the house angrily for 3days because of the text messages she saw on Mohbads phone”.

It is worth noting that the The result of the autopsy conducted on the body of the late singer has been unable to ascertain the cause of his death.

Following the autopsy reports, Mohbad’s dad and his wife have been at loggerheads as they spilled more dirty secrets about themselves.

Watch the video below:

Social media users shared their thoughts via comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

aphrodisiacs_by_annie said, “I know there’s something called SPIRITUAL HUSBAND, but please do we have SPIRITUAL FATHERS too? Cos this Mohbad papa na SPIRITUAL FATHER 😭😭 He irks me badly!!!!!! If you don’t see anything bad in this man then you’re finished on earth and also canceled in Heaven 💔”.

miss_mheee said, “Mohbad needs that DNA more than Liam”.

hazee_zah said, “If you didn’t see anything bad in what this man is doing, you need to be checked upstairs!”

seyishay said, “This man is the weapon fashioned against his son and his entire family.”

ademachismo said, “What is this man saying? 😳 Are there no elders in their family that can call him to order. 🤮”.

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