“‎Hope other girls will learn from you” – Beautiful lady stirs reactions as she stuns in different outfits to sell akara at the roadside (Video)

A beautiful Nigerian lady caught the attention of many on social media as she was seen wearing different outfits while marketing her akara business.

The video, which has amassed thousands of likes, initially showed the lady beautifully seated with bread and akara in hand.

Other scenes in the video depict her selling the akara.

The caption of the video, “You’re the only hot girl that sells akara for a living,” drew the interest of numerous social media users, prompting many to comment on her and inquire about the price of her product.

Below are some reactions.

Project baby: “‎one akara fit reach 5hundred”

Official_Bossy: “‎hope other girls will learn from you.”

Chuks: “‎be proud of yourself I love your lifestyle.”

Dimmy: “‎if no be yansh I cor look watin I wan use akara doo?”

@brownsugar839: “‎omo I remember when I was doing this business my friends were mocking me but I no care.am proud of you.”

@bolaji: “‎I go use my last 2k chop Akara.”

Official_Favvygold: “‎You should add confectionery to ur business.”

Princess Ananaba: “‎I love the black dress, it suits her well.”

legitboss227: “‎the inspiration I need now. thanks dear.”

treasure queen: “‎I love your vibes honey keep being strong okay.”

akemuelohor: “lemme follow her,where be ur location omo that akara n bread enter eye.”

O CEE: “‎Akara and the seller they hungry me.”

Mojolaoluwa: “‎@MAMA Shebi I told you we should be selling puff puff that time.”

jamesmeyer815: “‎where is your place of work to come patronize you.”



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