“He’s an oracle from my village” – Video trends as lady berates small sized man during a blind date (Watch)

A moment that perfectly describes a blind date went wrong is a video making the rounds online where a lady berates a small sized to filth.

In the blind date trending on Instagram, a lady who is looking for love clearly loses his home training after she finds out that her date is a small small sized man who can be referred to as a midget.

At the initial level of the blind date meeting the lady and the small sized man were not facing each other with the interviewer standing as a middleman.

The interviewer asked the small sized man the kind of woman he was looking for, he responded by saying he wants a girl that is tall, have backside (get yansh), fresh body, light-skinned (yellow),  have body among others.

Describing himself, the small-sized man utters that he is handsome, caring, can do anything for her as far as she loves him and he is also god fearing.

When it comes to the lady’s turn, she said she wants a well doing guy who can take care of her, a man that has car, he is okay and comfortable and also God fearing.

The interviewer later took another step by reviewing them, which is telling them to turn and face each other.

Upon sighting each other, the lady who couldn’t believe his eyes exclaimed as he shouts “Jesus”.

Rating the lady, the small-sized man gives him 5 out of 10 while stating that she doesn’t have a large backside (Yansh) and has a small bre@st. He added that she is okay and can still be managed.

The lady while giving her own rating on the small-sized man kickstarted by laughing as she asserts that she can’t even give her zero, she tackles her for saying the word “he go manage am”.

She further drags the small-sized man for wearing a sleeper while blaming the interviewer for bringing him along to such kind of blind date as she noted that she wants true love.

She further complicated the whole issue by body-shaming the small-sized man by referring to him as an oracle from her village.

Watch the video below;


See reactions below;

thisiskaha: She say na village oracle 😂😂😂😂 People get mouth I swear

only1daddyess: She say na JESUS 😂😂😂💔💔💔.

surex.funds: Why d host go carry e junior brother come blind date 😂.

easystrings_: She was just standing there, listening to the sound coming from the floor😂.

ennylasbeautyworld: Na Igbo oracle true true….. still dey get choice eleleya 😂😂.

iamhenryarnold: Describe yourself and my guy refuse to mention his height.

always_connects: She kuku talk and get manageable front and back Na make she Accept u b d koko 🙄🤦‍♂️😂😏.

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