“Her self control needs to be studied” – Caucasian student throws shoe at teacher during class [Video]

A viral video shows a teacher’s reaction after her caucasian student threw her shoe at the board while she was teaching.
In an unidentified school, a teacher was holding her class when a caucasian girl, for no reason, threw one of her shoe at the board.

Shocked by this, the teacher picked the shoe and asked who had thrown it to her. She inspected and found one leg of the other on a lady.

The lady started off by denying and challenging her that the shoe wasn’t hers to becoming aggressive towards the teacher.

Impressively, through the whole exchange, the teacher who had called the police maintained calm as the student began throwing more things around the classroom, further disrupting the session.

The police eventually arrived and took the lousy lady out of the class.

See how netizens reacted to the video …
wenbo_kris remarked: “Her self control needs to be studied , she’s exceptional”

6car__ opined: “If this teacher had gone off and engaged her physically I bet the next day there will be a shuut out in that schooll!! The teacher did so well”

justlois_albert posited: “These are the types that end up opening up only fans”

yinka228 commended: “The teacher is very professional , matured , patient and well cultured.”

havilahdivas101 stated: “God sure made some people specially. wow”

Watch video below …

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