“He’ll choose me” – Two students fight over one boyfriend after bumping into each other in his room (Video)

Two young ladies recently engaged in a heated exchange over a man dating both of them at the same at a university in Ghana.

The female students paid a visit to his hostel room in Jean Nelson Hall and coincidentally ran into each other, leading to a trading of insults.

In a video which has gone viral, they created a scene which got other students to leave their rooms and watch the drama play out.

One of the ladies argued that the boyfriend they were fighting for would choose her over the other one. She also accused the second lady of sleeping with different guys.

The most vocal one who seemed to be the main girlfriend made a case for them t ask the guy to pick which of them he wants and see what decision he will make.

Eyewitnesses eventually intervened when the matter began to get physical and they took one of the ladies out of the vicinity.

Watch the video below:

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