“He was always covering his face” Nigerian DJ on his encounter with Mohbad

Recently, a Nigerian DJ has come out to reminisce about a moment he had with Mohbad before his untimely death. He vividly recalled stepping out to escort the artist and being surprised by Mohbad’s decision to cover his face. In his attempt to put the young artist at ease, the DJ jokingly remarked, “We no dey do like that for this side o, feel free.”

“When we played his songs and he was on stage, he was behind everyone on stage, i was confused. brother come forward, you gotta hype the track, let them see vou”

Looking back after this whole situation has unraveled, the guy was really living in fear. I feel terrible that we didn’t read the signs that were right in front of us.

Mohbad’s legacy is a STRONG one. His light will FOREVER shine. REST IN POWER KING. Because of you, the oppressed can SPEAK UP.

A major reason creatives decide to express their passion through their craft, is to be able to live FREE We can’t be in this same entertainment industry where oppression thrives. BEGIN TO SPEAK UP.


All that middle man shit, god father here and there but aint shit and can’t bring shit to the table should END ASAP!!! Call out their bullshit and SAY NO TO BULLYING.



This exchange hinted at a sense of fear that Mohnad faced.

Let’s also recall that Paul Okoye,and CEO of one African music fest, shared his own perspective on Mohbad’s final days. Paul Okoye, a close associate of the late artist, provided an account of their last meeting, which took place in London.

During their encounter, Mohbad had confided in Paul about his deep concerns regarding his safety.

The DJ’s recollection and Paul Okoye’s account only enhances the suspicions that people have surrounding his death. Mohbad has left fans and industry insiders alike curious about the cause of his death.

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