“He taught her well” – Nigerians gush with satisfaction as British lady rolls and eats fufu like a pro

Nigerians nod in satisfaction as a British lady is spotted in a viral video eating their native foodlike it ought to be eaten.

The British woman and her beau attended an even where the native dish was served pipping hot on a plate.

While the lady was eating, some Nigerian men who were evidently observing her were immensely impressed. They made glowing remarks about how she rolls it well and eats it like a pro.

Although, they had made the comments in Pidgin English and the lady who didn’t understand what they were saying asked her man to explain what they group of men were on about.

They group of men hailed the man for teaching her how to roll and eat the dish like a true Nigerian, and this made him happy.

See reaction gathered from netizens …

Chukwudubem✝️🦅 said: “bro you thought her how to eat the fufu very well”

sidwayne001 commented: “She didn’t understand but she see the faces like they talking about her that’s why she asked what’s it”

PROMIISE remarked: “The guy is proud of his convert 😂

mawobe animashaun said: “someone can not eat in peace again 😂”

KaKa wrote: “the girl was like “what are they saying “, as a sabi boy he quickly explain so the babe no go dey overthink. 👍|”

Absurd_form stated: “when I eat fish and chips and nobody videos me 😂”

igboekwethankgod wrote: “she bis chewing the fufu instead of swallowing”

Watch video below …

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