‘He spent the night at my place, leaves the next day to get married’ – Lady cries out as her fiancé secretly married someone else 4 days after he engaged her

Lady devastated as she finds out that the man who had engaged her got married to another woman without letting her know.

According to the embittered lady, her boyfriend had been a serial cheater and after catching him several times, he decided to change from his ways.

She revealed that the boyfriend had promised to change his ways and even proposed to her with a ring.

However, four days after their engagement, she called her man and his brother picked up, letting her know that he’s holding his wedding.

Read her full narration below:

“How wicked can a person be? When we see mad people on the street we tend to ask why.

My boyfriend and I have been together since 2020. We used to be friends before dating. I got pregnant for him 3 times which he forced me to have abortion which one nearly took my life, reason being that he don’t want a child out of wedlock. Along the line I realised he has been cheating on me with two ladies. I confronted him and he apologised that it won’t ever happen again. He stays in Somanya and I stay in Koforidua so we were not always together. But he kept doing it so I decided to end the relationship. He kept reaching out to me apologising and I gave us hope again. To cut things short.

He came to me on Tuesday, 18th April, 2023 as it was his birthday and we went on a date at Havilla restaurant in Koforidua, where he told me to add him to my future plans as he has added me to his, so I asked him if he’s sure he’s not cheating on me again and he swore he wasn’t and that only one lady that sometimes calls him but there’s nothing between them again. After everything he put a ring on me and said a vow. We left happily and he spent the night at my place and left the next morning due to work, we got in touch as usual until this Saturday, 22nd April 2023. I called him early in the morning only to receive news from his brother who had his phone that he’s getting married.

I’m deeply hurt and shattered. We go on a date on Tuesday, he sleeps over and leaves the next day only to be married on Saturday. I’m devastated, I’m writing my end of semester exams and I have completely lost focus, I can’t eat or sleep not to talk of study. Tears has weighed me down since Saturday. I feel like ending it

What did I ever do to deserve this. How can he be this wicked towards me whiles I’ve done no harm to you other than to love and care”

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