“He should just say bye bye to unilag or prepare for automatic carryover” – Reaction as Unilag student fights with lecturer over disagreement (Video)

A video of a Unilag student attacking a lecturer has surfaced online.


In the video, the 200 level Unilag student could be seen leaving the class when the lecturer pushed him from the back.


He retaliated and pushed the lecturer back.


This led to a physical brawl between the two of them.


See how netizens reacted to the video below:


@Oserume1 Why is nobody talking about the fact that the lecturer touched the student first? That’s clearly physical harassment from the lecturer, he got what he deserves. But in Nigeria, “might is right”, the student will be punished for reacting to the lecturer’s physical abuse!


@Ishow_leck stated: “He should be expelled instantly. You can’t be this rude to your lecturer and expect the school to tolerate you and your lack of home training.”


@Mrlekan213 opined: “At times if you look at the behavior of some lecturers they really deserve it

They talk anyhow and feel students can’t do anything”


@badlieutenant claimed: “You wouldn’t see this happening in northern universities. Unilag students’ lack of discipline is really bad. That’s why I rather send my child to study in Kaduna instead of Lagos.”


@aideinfluence expressed: “I respect student like this, it takes a lot not be scared of one’s future.”


@Onlineguru_ advised: “He should just say bye bye to unilag”


Watch the video here:

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