He doesn’t like men to sit beside me inside commercial vehicles – Nigerian lady seeks for advice about her “jealous” fiancé

A Nigerian lady has said that her fiancé is so jealous and overprotective that he doesn’t like men to sit beside her even inside commercial vehicles. 


“Hello good evening everyone, please how will I handle a situation where a guy is jealous and overprotective over his girl,” she wrote in a Facebook on Sunday night, January 29. 


“I have a fiancé. We are planning to get married. He is kind, loving, he got everything I need in a man but my problem with him is that he is overprotective and jealous to extent if am in car, napep or any vehicle he will like to know someone seated beside me. If it’s a man he will be disturbing the man to adjust let his body not touch me. He will be requesting for a woman to sit close to me instead of a man causing quarrel or laughter in the vehicle. I am just tired. I don’t know what to do.”

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