“Having a white friend isn’t easy, on my way to a cat’s funeral – Young man cries out as he’s forced to attend a cat’s burial abroad

A man, @_hamzah01, has caused a buzz online with a video documenting his extraordinary journey to attend a cat’s funeral organized by his white friend.

In the viral video, the man documented his journey to attend a cat’s funeral, showcasing the lengths he’s willing to go to support his white friend’s pet-related events.

“Having a white friend is not easy; right now, I’m on my way to a cat’s funeral,” the video captions read.

The footage showcases the man driving to the funeral organized for his friend’s beloved feline companion.

The video struck a chord with many viewers who have also found themselves in similar situations, attending pet birthdays or funerals for their white friends.

Netizens flooded the comments section with their own stories, emphasizing the often extraordinary nature of these experiences.

Netizens Reactions…

M M commented; “Found colleague crying hysterically. After consoling her for long she mentioned her dog was not eating. I wanted my time & feelings back.” 

@Pfano Mukhodobwane reacted; “My colleague was on leave coz the dog died.”

@_sumthin reacted; “My former boss once didn’t pay me coz their dog had cancer and had chowed all his money on medical expenses.”

@Moleter reacted; “Dude, last week I had to attend her dogs birthday even went for present shopping, but I’m used to it now.” 

@mampo263 reacted; “I did a eulogy 4 a dog it was during covid there was even Zoom for those who couldn’t come in person.”

@dee commented: “I have a friend too whose cat died and we went funeral and the owner lied to us she buried it but months later we realised she was hiding it in freeze.”

@Lola Kokielola said; “I once attended cat funeral everyone was crying lena ka lla, I was emotional seeing everyone crying.”

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