“Free your people from this hell hole” – Speed Darlington tells Igbo lawmakers to demand for Biafra referendum

Controversial Nigerian rapper, Darlington Okoye, popularly known as Speed Darlington has urged lawmakers from the South-East zone to demand for Biafra referendum.

He begged them to free their people from the hell hole.


He gave the charge in a video message he shared on his Instagram page recently.


He said the Igbo people were in bandage in Nigeria and needed to form their own separate country.


Speed Darlington said, “Igbo National Assembly members, free us from this hell. Stab APC in the back. Show them your real colour.


“Even though APC made you powerful, stab them in the back, show them your real colour. [Biafra] referendum now! Referendum now! Free your people from this hell hole.”


The rapper claimed Igbo people continue to manage instead of the Assembly members to free their people.

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