Former Chelsea star, Geremi Njitap divorces wife after discovering the twins he raised within his 12 years of marriage belong to her ex-lover

Former Chelsea star, Geremi Njitap, has filed for divorce after discovering that the twins he welcomed with his wife are for her former lover.

He realised that the twins he raised withing his 12 years of marriage were never his but that of the man his wife dated before marrying him

The 45-year-old Cameroon defensive midfielder had been married to Toukam Fotso Laure Verline for over a decade.

The UK Sun reports that court documents in Geremi’s native Cameroon show Toukam “destroyed the harmony of their marriage through her abject behaviour”.

Toukam had claimed the twins born in June 2008 — four years before the couple’s marriage — were his, which motivated them to get married.

In a bombshell revelation detailed in court documents obtained exclusively by Cameroon News Agency and as reported by Mimimemofo Infos, Njitap alleges a series of disturbing events that have led to the demise of his marriage to Toukam Fotso Laurie Verline, the daughter of the late Cameroonian billionaire, Fotso Victor.

Among the most shocking claims is Njitap’s assertion that the twins the couple welcomed in 2008 are not biologically his, as previously believed.

Instead, Geremi alleges that a DNA test reveled that the twins are the offspring of his wife’s previous partner, a revelation that has stunned fans and followers alike.

“But the discovery that the children were from her previous partner destroyed the couple’s harmony,” the documents adds.

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