Football legend, Pele’s will names woman whose mother had a fling with him in the 1980s and she’ll get a piece of his fortune

A woman who claims to be the secret love child of soccer legend Pele is trying to secure a piece of the late footballer’s estate.

The player, who died from colon cancer aged 82 on December 29, officially had seven children.

Now, Maria do Socorro Azevedo claims her mother had a fling with the World Cup winner in the 1980s. She will have a DNA test to determine whether Pele is a genetic match.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Pele mentioned in his will the existence of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, who could be his daughter, and officially expressed she must receive part of his assets if the DNA test confirms the paternity.

‘It seems Pele used the will to let his family know about the heir.’

Pele’s stepdaughter Gemima Lemos McMahon is also applying to the Brazilian courts to be named Pele’s heir. Her mother, Assiria was Pele’s second wife.

His estate is believed to be valued at between £12million and as high as £75 million.

The three-time World Cup winner had been in hospital in Sao Paulo since late November before his death on December 29.

Pele burst onto the global scene as a 17-year-old at the 1958 World Cup, helping Brazil to the first of their record five successes in the competition.

He also helped Brazil win the World in 1962 and 1966, and returned to lead his country to glory for a third time in Mexico in 1970, as part of what is widely regarded as the greatest line-up of all time.

Pele was a prodigious scorer of goals and is credited with 1,281 of them across the length of his career by the official FIFA website.


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