“Failed career, failed ritual assignment” – Concerned Nigerians rain insults on Skiibii over allegations that he attempted to use Nickie dabarbie for rituals

Nigerian singer Skiibii has had quite an eventful day, right from the rising of the sun, because the drama he’s currently involved in started around 5am.

Social media influencer Nicki dabarbie had called out the singer for allegedly attempting to use her for money rituals.

Nigerians have now camped on Skiibii’s page, and they are currently raining colorful insults on him.

bella smart22 wrote, “My problem is why will you give her drugs? What’s your intention?”

biggest_gina wrote, “Failed career, failed Ritual assignment.. Aye e ti baje shalf omo werey. U no get sisters? Why not use dem or use ur mama”

pretty_lisaa5 wrote, “Please o what’s going on with Nickie dabarbie? Why did you drug her She’s high but definitely knows what she’s saying sha nor kill her for us o”

twenty_hits wrote, “What’s happening with Nicki dabarbie?????”

investor_dera1 wrote, “Werey Omo! Let anything happen to her! y’all think women Lives ain’t worth Nothing? Before she goes down the bunch of y’all will drop”

alice_jen202 wrote, “So nAh Nicki you wan use Top up as no body dey notice you again ? ehn fine Boy”

kay_afrika_orgusu_mugla_2 wrote, “Shame on you. You wan use girl.. go and marry and leave young girls alone”

callmenita906 wrote, “If anything do that girl you go explain tire”

favourhoj wrote, “Wetin you do Nicki darbarbie E good? Eh fine boy?”

awele231 wrote, “Why did you drug her?? You obviously have bad intentions for doing that and I will believe all her stories…. Ritualist & Ur cup don finally full”

heluvs_tgirl wrote, “U people are clearly m@d for saying he wants to use her person wey dun high”

kings_25_dee_ wrote, “Una go just come under person post dey cap. 9ja most of una too get fish brain! She high herself and from her voice you go know say she done dey. If them wan use her she go see road do video ni? Make una dey get sen$e na”

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