“Every year, you threaten to end your marriage” — Fan slams Chacha Eke as she marks 10th wedding anniversary

Chacha Eke, a popular Nollywood actress, comes under fire from a fan who slammed her for always threatening to end her marriage but failing to do so.

This comes as the actress celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Austin Fanni, with a heartfelt note.

The angry fan, identified as @ms.chizzy, chastised Chacha for her inability to decide whether to stay or leave her marriage. She also stated that the actress suffers from bipolar disorder.

“You are a very stupid woman, every year u come out to tell us u are ending ur marriage, u don’t even know ur stand, I was a fan of u before but I started disliking u d moment u started displaying nonsense on social media.. Bipolar na bastard… Tufiakwa,” the angry fan wrote.

See other reactions below:

Rhoze_vin wrote: “that doesn’t mean you should insult her, if you don’t like how behavior anymore then unfollow and mind your business she’s not your mate!”

Joiz_abidemi penned: “Heal sis. How can you be behind a keypad to day these stuff about your own gender? May you not go through all Chacha has been through all her life.”

Debbylove62 stated: “see as you be like dry fish with yr nonsense makeup  funny thing is that you don’t have husband”

Queen349177 wrote: “why are you bitter over someone happiness, so you would have been happy if her marriage have ended, may God disconnect me from your kind”

_Therealchizzy said: “wait how can ur name be Chizzy?. I cast and bind u from our WhatsApp group. U can’t be normal o. Go to church sis. Eww. And pls change ur name. U can bear tolotolo”

Cynthiamavhetha opined: “see this fool oh are you okay chai tour very foolish infact your the stupid one here see this idiot if u have nothing good to say shut that ur big mouth mumu”

Yhutie_Pat said: ” do you have plans to replace her in her home?..if not then why are you so pained??..haba!”

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