Drake gifts fan N38.6m ($50k) to ‘flex’ after girlfriend dumped him (Video)

Canadian singer and rapper, Drake, has made headlines again as he generously gave a fan $50k at his Miami show in the United States.

The touching gesture took place during his classic performance at the Kaseya Center in Miami.

As Drake was performing, he noticed a fan in the crowd holding up a sign that caught his attention.

He said, “I gotta read that sign; I like that sign.” He usually does something nice for a lady during his shows, like giving away a designer bag or such, but this time, it was different.

The fan’s sign revealed a heartfelt story, “I spent all my savings buying tickets for me and my ex, but honestly, Nevermind, it’s really her loss.”

Drake could not believe that the fan’s girlfriend hadn’t come to the Drake show with him.

He playfully said, “What the heck is wrong with her? And you’re in here looking sharp with your gold chain and sunglasses on!”

The crowd joined in, chanting, “Forget that girl!”

Drake responded, “Alright, that’s a bit aggressive, but you know what? She’s going to feel really regretful because tonight, I’m giving you $50,000 so you can show off and have an amazing night. This is your night, my man! And I won’t say it the way you all did, but forget that young lady”.

Watch the video below:

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