Donald Trump says Europe is ‘getting away with murder’ by not providing more aid to Ukraine and insists he would ‘get the war settled’ if he became president again

Donald Trump has accused Europe of getting ‘away with murder’ by not providing more aid to Ukraine during its war with Russia.

The former US president made the claims during a recent interview with Fox News.


Trump also said the U.S. has been burdened with the brunt of assistance for Ukraine even coming from a less at-risk area across the ocean from the fighting.


Speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, Trump said he would make sure Europe was doling out the same if not more, financial aid to Ukraine than the U.S. has provided.

‘Would you stop the money to Ukraine at this point?’ the Sunday Morning Futures host asked the former president.

He replied: ‘I’d get the war settled.’

‘The money is number one,’ Trump said. ‘I’d tell Europe – you’re about $100 billion-plus short. Okay? You gotta pay.’

‘Because Europe is smiling all the way to the bank,’ he added. ‘Europe is doing very little compared to the United States and it affects them more. Look, no matter how you look at it, they’re right there. We’re an ocean apart.’

‘Why are we at $150 billion and they’re at $20 [billion]?’ he questioned.

Trump said it isn’t for a lack of resources, claiming that when European countries are combined their economies equate that of America’s.

‘They should be at the same number that we’re at, if not more,’ the former president lamented. ‘And they get away with murder.’


The comments came as part of a pre-recorded interview that aired over last Sunday’s show on Fox and this week’s Sunday Morning Futures program, as well.

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