Dog chases away its owner’s ex-girlfriend as she shows up uninvited (Watch video)

A Nigerian lady visited her ex-boyfriend’s apartment without first informing him that she was coming to his place and she met fierce resistance.

The young woman was given a cold welcome by her former lover’s pet dog when she arrived at his door step, which led to her running for her dear life.

A video which was recorded and posted on social media by the former lover she went to see showed the moment the dog prevented her from entering his house.

As soon as the ex-girlfriend climbed the stairs leading up to his house, the animal quickly ran out and engaged her in a hot pursuit. On seeing the canine, she screamed at the top of her lungs and fled without hesitation.

The dog’s owner could be heard laughing in the background which suggested that he liked what his pet did.

Watch the video below:

@Juicyray11; Belike she no feed the dog well when she be girlfriend

@Kehindephilip6; I won’t laugh sha… But some ex’s deserve things like this

@MFTECH001; Ahhh that’s not what happened. She’s my sister friends I get the complete video. We’re just using it to scared him

@mavie_scarley; This wetin I go do to that babe wey no want make I commot her pant next week

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