“Davido is yet to provide any update as promised concerning the 300 million naira” – Daniel Regha calls out Davido

Davido is currently engaged in an online war with Wizkid, but they didn’t stop Daniel Regha from calling him out.

The controversial Twitter user wrote to Davido, calling him out for not giving an update about the 300 million he promised to orphans. Here’s what he wrote;

“Davido is yet to provide any update as promised concerning the “300 million Naira” pledged to orphanages around Nigeria; Correct me if I’m wrong but out of the 427 eligible orphanage homes set to benefit from the donation, less than 10 have acknowledged receiving anything. Again, an update was supposed to be provided between the 1st & 2nd week of March, 2024.”

According to Daniel Regha, only ten orphanage homes out of four-hundred-and-twenty-seven have acknowledged the receipt of money from Davido.

Daniel Regha has been on Davido’s case concerning the disbursement of this money for years. Immediately Davido made this promise in 2021, Daniel Regha started hounding him about keeping to his promise.

A few months back, Davido released a statement through his foundation, detailing how the money would be disbursed, while apologizing for the delay in communication.

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