Daughter pained as dad changes profile pic to side chick he cheated her mum with, just after divorce

Daughter pained as her dad celebrates his divorce from her mom by flaunting his side chick of five years as new profile picture.

The lady, @ashhhhhhole revealed that her parents had gone through a divorce, apparently due to some infidelity issues.

She stated that just some hours after the divorce was finalized, her father took to his social media to celebrate.

The lady expressed that her father had taken to his social media page to change his profile photo with that of the lady he had been cheating, after the divorce was finalized.

She disclosed that her father had been having affair with the side chick for five years.

Her post read …

“so my parents divorce got finalized this morning and the first thing my dad does is change his profile picture to a pic of him and the woman he’s been cheating on my mom with for the last 5 years lol”

She added: “and he wonders why his kids don’t want a relationship with him !”

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@Dropz305 said: “There’s a lot of valid reasons to cut off a parent but “he cheated on my mom” is not one of them. Especially if he’s trying to stay in your life. Relationships change….would you have rather he begrudgingly stuck around in an unhappy marriage?”

@markkhanwi wrote: “Happened to me before the internet……1985……Dad called all the kids after mom kicked him out of the house…..nobody was interested in talking to him…..he thought at least the boys would understand….we didn’t.”

@bl1zq remarked: “Worst part will be when her woman he has been sleeping with cheats on him, he will crawl back to his kids asking for forgiveness and that he doesnt deserve this 🤣🤣”

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