Dammy Krane accuses Davido of sending assassins to kill him

Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane has accused fellow artist Davido of allegedly orchestrating a plot to have him assassinated.

He alleged that Davido had sent a bouncer to stab him in a club.

Dammy Krane narrated how he was almost fatally stabbed during this incident, and he suspects it has something to do with Davido.

Dammy Krane claims that the bouncer who accosted him had used a knife in an attempt to kill him. He mentioned how he disarmed the bouncer who had allegedly attacked him after he had successfully defended himself.

In the statement he released, Dammy Krane referred to Davido as “Owe B Owe,” a nickname he gave him during their financial dispute.

Their long and intricate argument takes on a new level with Dammy Krane’s claim who believes Davido and the nightclub owner were accountable for this incident.

In his words:

“They tried to stab me with a knife today @secret place, Owe b Owe your plan with Sheyman (owner of secret place) has failed. Thank God I was able to defend myself & Take the knife from the bouncer.

“Is this what you people want to turn the music industry to ? You think there’s no law ba, There’s Evidence sha.”

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