Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend reveals he refused to buy expensive bag for her

Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has claimed that he once refused to buy her a particular gift she asked him to get for her.

According to the Argentine model, he did not buy her the bag despite her request because he believed Rodriguez already had too many bags.

It may be recalled that the mother of two had shown her bag collection and disclosed that she owns 150 bags.

Rodriguez told El Hormiguero that she asked for a bigger size of a particular bag she owned but Ronaldo declined.

She quoted his statement and noted that she responded by saying she would get it herself.

She said; “I asked for the same one I have but bigger. He told me, ‘I refuse. I’m not going to buy it for you. I tell him, ‘Well, I’ll buy it myself.’”

Georgina, who has two kids for the former Manchester United forward, has been providing a unique insight into her life in the latest season of her Netflix series, ‘I am Georgina’.

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