Bride weeps uncontrollably after catching soon to be groom cheating on their wedding day (Video)

In shocking news, a bride has caught her groom cheating on the day of their supposed wedding in Spain.

This video was posted on social media platform, X, by user @NoCapFights.

In the video the bride, in her full wedding regaliacan be soon running towards a tinted white bus, where the groom is in with another woman.

She keeps hitting the bus with tears in her eyes, but the groom refuses to open up. Eventually, he is seen from the back where the glasses are not tinted, already down to his boxers with his white shirt disheveled, obvious signs of his cheating.

The groom caught after cheating.

The bride starts crying uncontrollably, while being consoled by friends and family regarding this unfortunate turn of events at her wedding, which should have been the happiest day of her life.

See Netizens reactions:

@RomezWrld said: Different kind of insane cheating at your wedding.

@LoloEtny asked: Of all days to cheat it had to be your wedding day??

@misi_theboy wrote: Nobody deserves that level of betrayal

@FrostyCryptos wrote: Shortest wedding ever. So sad

@BullRunner77 said: Couldn’t even wait until the honey moon 💀🤣

@see_leyb said: Poor thing.. found out just in time though

@chocorina18 said: Me??? Woulda ripped myself out that dress then set that vehicle ablaze with the dress

@iamitinu said: “He’s going to stop cheating when we get married” Dey play my fans 😂

Watch video here…

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