“Always romancing poverty” – Daniel Regha shows off the scrumptious breakfast he ate on a local flight

Twitter Influencer Daniel regha just shared the content of the delicious breakfast meal he ate on a plane with his followers.

He explained that even though the refreshments they flight attendants gave him did not make sense, he wasn’t bothered in the least because he had come to the plane with his own food which was a meal that consisted of 5 pieces of yam and garnished red oil.

“So @TiqwaHQ booked another flight for me, this time I travelled with a different airline & it was a fun experience; The refreshments makes no sense, but I wasn’t bothered cos I carried my own food (Yam & garnished red oil), which I enjoyed on the plane. The airline tried tho, the AC was functioning well & they served passengers one bottle water each, unlike the last airline I boarded. Thanks Tiqwa.”

Below are some hilarious reactions to his post

One prankhottiee had this to say,

“Daniel in this economy you accepted the offer to enter flight that money could be used to feed the homeless people around you this my humble opinion”

One mzzsholz had this to say,

“This guy Dey do this thing on purpose ) you can’t tell me it’s the same wide mouth that give advice”

One beredible__Zoe had this to say,

“Daniel, this makes no sense and you are being selfish. There are a lot of people who do not have food to eat, yet you are consuming 5 pieces of yam and that much oil that can be used to cook 2 pots of Afang soup. You can do better, as for the flight I will leave the crowd to respond to that. No shades, but you can do better.”

One estae diogo had this to say,

“He’s just a disgusting man. And no I wasn’t saying it because of the yam and oil. He’s just a disgusting people who has numerous opinions”

One _therealrayy_ had this to say,

“He took a metal fork into the plane?? Isn’t that a weapon??

They once made me return 2 big bottles of Pulpy I had on me cause it was “contraband”.

Daniel is this the fair country you shout about??”

One n_shopping__cart had this to say.

“Daniel this oil is too much for this yam, why u wasteful, price of oil is high and people are hungry, u even enter plane in this economy what happened to sole”

One chiamaka__p had this to say,

“Daniel this is very mean of you, in this economy you are flying, knowing fully well people are hungry on the street,you can use that money to feed them”

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