All travellers arriving Nigeria must provide evidence of COVID vaccination – FG

The federal government has issued a new directive following the rising cases of COVID-19 in countries around the world. 
Travellers arriving Nigeria will now be required to provide evidence of COVID vaccination.

Geoffrey Okatubo, Director of Port Health Services, who made the announcement on Monday, January 23, further revealed they’ve heightened surveillance at points of entry following the reported surge in the cases of COVID in countries like China, Japan, and the United States.
He said; 

“Port health services has resumed checks of passengers’ vaccination status and will provide traffic data on inbound passengers from all over the world.
“All international travellers arriving Nigeria are now to provide evidence of vaccination at point of entry and it was agreed that unvaccinated passengers arriving from other countries may have to be vaccinated at the airport.
“The minister of health also recently approved that port health services should meet with other stakeholders such as the NCDC, and the ministry of aviation over the use of rapid diagnostic testing at points of entry.”

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