“After you don scatter my yarnsh” – Mercy Eke tells actor Chidi Mokeme as they get goofy in new video

Reality TV star and actress, Mercy Eke has been captured getting go ofy and comfortable with veteran Nollywood star, Chidi Mokeme.

In a video taken on the set of recently released Netflix movie, Shanty Town, in which the duo starred in, the pair were spotted taking a selfie video together when Mercy revealed that the actor “scattered” a part of her b ody, while touching her bo obs.

Mercy, who played the role of a prostitute named “Jackie”, was evidently referring to a scene in the movie where Chidi Mokeme, a pi mp and tout named ‘Scar’, grabbed her bo obs and butt ocks in the movie.

However, Chidi Mokeme quickly cut her short and told her not to divulge the full details before they go viral for the wrong reasons.

Watch below,

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