After 15 years, my husband says I’m no longer his spec – Mother-of-four cries her eyes out (Video)

A Nigerian woman has shared a video of herself crying on social media as a result of the heartbreaking revelation by her husband.

The married lady revealed that her husband informed her that she was no longer his spec after 15 years of being together.

In the caption of the clip which has gone viral, she revealed that she had four children with him only for her hubby to make such destabilising statement.

Her eyes were bloodshot red due to crying really hard, and she was singing along to a Flavour’s song ‘Mosh High’ featuring his adopted son, Semah.

“After 15 years in marriage with 4 children he said I am not his spec,” the caption read.

See the video below:

Read some comments…

joyceisy; All these TikTok people. We can’t differentiate the truth from the lies. But if this is true, it’s really heartbreaking 💔 😢

9jasingle: There is a way a man will treat a woman, she will give up on him and concentrate on her kids. This is the lowest low some men has gone and where they has reduced wives EFFORTS TO.

HE HAS FINALLY UNLEASHED WHAT WILL BE HARD TO AMEND. The masculinity in her HEART now is brought out by the rejection. Don’t worry. She has settled for the kids not him anymore. That’s women for you. Take to the banks. I said what I said.

abjluxuryhub; immediately he said that to you, you tell that you have been managing him for a very long time

_peaceful_baddie; That’s why I don’t take any risk to trust any man oooo in any relationship… I rather date my gender for my own sanity… men are high key sc@m

nenyenwa_____; TikTok is another world on its own, believe whatever you see their at your own risk😂

emmalex.banky; I don’t just comments this here, nobody knows the fights and wars in their homes, you only see one party coming out here on social media to complain, do you know the chaos in the home?

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