“A man produces 53 litres of sperm in his lifetime, some of you have 2 litres left and are still asking for numbers” – Paul Okoye

Nigerian singer and second half of the famous music group Psquare have sent a message to his gender.

Taking to his Instagram story, he reminded them that men only produce 53 litres of sperm in their lifetime. He noted how some of them have 2 litres left because of their philandering lifestyle, yet are still asking for phone number. He reiterated that some day, their litre of sperm would be exhausted.

“A man produces 53 litres of sperm in his lifetime. Some of you have 2 litres left and you are still asking for phone number.

E go finish ohh”.

His statement has no doubt divided the internet, with some concurring with him, while others disagreed with him.

One Rhukieee wrote, “I don’t believe button. If so why old men still fit impregnate women?

One Ishuwa Brownie wrote, “Some don’t have any left, but once they get married, their mothers will call their wives barren

One Blogger__1801 wrote, “I don use all my liter do soapy

One Orkson Mary Jane wrote, “Later dey go pin am for their wives say dey woman no fit born

One Jersey Planet Ng wrote, “My brother own go don finish, the werey too loke girls

One Donteetv wrote, “I disagree Paul

One Amee Rh wrote, “Not sure sperm finishes in a man’s body. Abi I don forget wetin I read for school?

One Ekeson Money wrote, “If e wan finish make e finish, we go dey release water

One King Max global wrote, “Abeg how do you check how many liters remain?”.

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