A lot of people troll me over my family, marital issues and it hurts – Tubaba

Legendary Nigerian singer, Innocent Idibia, also known as Tubaba, has admitted that though he acts like he’s grown a thick skin, he still gets hurt sometimes when Nigerians criticise him over his family matters.

The father of seven berated Nigerians for being overly concerned about his family without actually contributing anything positive towards their wellbeing.

Tubaba opened up about his struggle with online trolling during an episode of Afrobeats podcast hosted by British-Nigerian media personality, Adesope Olajide.

The African Queen crooner lamented Nigerians who often label him a deadbeat dad have never volunteered to pay the school fees for any of his children.

He said; “Many people talk about kids, fatherhood, motherhood, all that whole circle. Many people talk about it with public opinion type of thinking. But it’s deeper than that. There’s nobody that has the exact blueprint for this thing.

“The basic truth of the whole matter is the connection with you and your little ones [children]. There is so many different ways to find it. There’s no one rule or one particular way.

“I speak to my kinds like say they be my mates. I don’t boss them around. I talk to them the way I talk to my friends and mom.

“I get a lot of jabs [trolling]. I got a lot of people that say stuff about me. People have trolled me severally on social media. And, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes some people will just go on social media to say rubbish. It’s just like terrorists bombing innocent people.

“And I will start wondering how till today, none of those critics the way they are concerned about my family come to assist in paying my children’s school fees. Not even a single soul.”

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