“A man does not have to be extremely rich but must be hardworking” – Angela Eguavoen

Popular Nigerian actress, Angela Eguavoen, has stated that a man should be ready to spend on a woman when going into a relationship. According to her, dating a woman comes with responsibilities and any man who intends to date should be ready to spend.

She said, “Dating a woman is a responsibility, and it helps to train the man to be more ‘manly’ so that when he gets married, it will not be a big deal anymore for him to take care of his family.”

Angela believes that a man should be able to feed himself first before thinking of going into a relationship. Emphasizing her point, she asked rhetorically, “Why should a broke man even date a lady?

Eguavoen added that women see relationships as a money-making venture rather than a sex-making venture, so men should be ready to spend as much as they would want to have sex.

In Angela’s words, “Women see relationships as a money-making venture, not as a sex-making (sic) venture. I can’t be ‘extremely’ submissive to a man if I am personally taking care of my responsibilities.”

More so, why should a man not want to spend money on a woman but want to keep having sex with her?, She asked rhetorically. Men should be responsible for their partners’ bills if they want women to respect them.”

The actress is also of the opinion that though no particular formula for a lasting relationship, but of the things that are cogent to ensuring a lasting relationship is sex.

Eguavoen stated this in an interview on Sunday, where she said love is not enough to keep a relationship, and then enlisted the things that couples or lovers can do.

She said, “Though there’s no formula to having a lasting relationship, of the things that can be done by partners to enjoy an enduring relationship is to know that; love is not enough to keep a relationship, the man does not have to be extremely rich but must have prospects and hardworking.”

Angela added that a man need not break the bank to please a woman, but little things matter. She cited the cases of her friends who had sex on the first dates, those who stressed men before eventually accepting the men’s proposals, but at the end of the day, the relationship didn’t last.

The actress, cum singer asserted that she wouldn’t quit her career for a man, and the man’s family must accept her plus he must be good in bed. 

In her words, “Respect is also very important in a relationship, my man must respect me, he must see me as himself, his family also has to accept me because I can never quit my career just because of my partner. More importantly, the sex has to be good as well.”

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