2023 will be a difficult year we need to support Ukraine for as long as it takes – NATO

Transatlantic military alliance, NATO has stated it’s commitment to Ukraine as long as Russia continues to attack it.

NATO’s Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoan? speaking on Wednesday, January 18 warned the alliance must be prepared “for the long haul” with regards to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Addressing defense chiefs at a NATO military committee meeting in Brussels, Geoan? said allies should invest more in defense, ramp up their capacity to manufacture weapons and ammunition and “prepare for potential future wars.”

Echoing a warning issued previously by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Geoan? said “underestimating Russia is dangerous.” He said Russian President Vladimir Putin had already mobilized more than 200,000 additional troops. 

“We have no indication that Putin’s goals have changed. So we must be prepared for the long haul. 2023 will be a difficult year. And we need to support Ukraine for as long as it takes,” Geoan? said. 

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