2023 Presidency: “What Nigerians should do to me if I fail to keep campaign promises”, Peter Obi reveals

The Labour Party’s standard bearer who admitted pointed that salvaging Nigeria from its current squalor was tough said that it is possible with the cooperation of citizens who desperately want a new Nigeria.

He claimed that previous political parties that led Nigeria pushed her into insecurity, poverty industrial actions, hunger, and suffering. Obi said: “The 2023 election is not about, ethnicity, tribalism or religion. “Nigerians from different tribes, ethnic groups and religions buy food from the same market, face the same insecurity, unemployment and suffering.

“I’m not contesting this election because I’m an Igbo man, but because I’m a Nigerian and the most qualified to be the president with the votes of Nigerians who wants a new Nigeria.

“We want to build a Nigerian where everyone will be proud of the green passport. We want to move Nigeria from consumption to production and end ASUU strike and ensure that our students graduate right on time.

“On the election day, vote for Labour Party, and stay back to ensure that your votes are accounted and recorded.”

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